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I see you. 

You don’t know how to set up your tech, or you’re simply too busy. 

Maybe you don’t know what you need or what tech can do for your business. Then there’s the integrations!  

I understand- you don’t want to bring on a team member, but you just need it done

If tech is holding you back, VIP Tech Days are the answer.  

Imagine your tech set up and running in just one day…

Are you a mission-driven entrepreneur, online business coach, or course creator?

In just one day, we deep-dive into your individual tech needs and create easy solutions.

I understand you don’t want to waste precious time and resources or be forced into long-term commitments. 

It's time to invest in the kind of support that sets you up for success so you can keep making an impact in your community and the world.

Get your tech set up right the first time

Stalling out in your business should never be an option. You’re a visionary. Your ideas, dreams, and goals deserve better.

What can you get done in a day?

G4 Setup

G4 Dashboards

Set up Google Analytics to track the right data to understand what’s really working in your business. 

Customize your G4 dashboard to quickly find the data you need in an easy-to-read format.

Funnel Integration

Create a fully integrated funnel, from strategy and setup to audits and troubleshooting.

Email Automations

Course SetUp

PM Tool Setup

Set up advanced email automations and make sure the right emails get to the right people.

Do you want to sell a course or membership? Set up the tech to get your important content to the people who need it the most. 

Select and set up the best project management tool to overcome the overwhelm and maximize your performance. 


Here are some of the things we can work on in a day. 

Click here to book a free 30-minute Discovery Call. 

Have something in mind that you don't see here? Let's chat...

Please note: when you book a VIP Day, you’re booking me for the day, NOT a set of deliverables. 

Say what? Firstly, we’ll identify your tech needs. Then, we’ll work out what you need in order of priority. I’ll work through these as a punch list on the VIP Day. We’ll go over all of this in our strategy call, but be assured- because I’m experienced and only working on your project during the VIP Day, I’m super-focused and able to maximize our time together. Please note that this also depends on you! I’ll need you to complete your prep work and be available on the day, so keep that in mind when you choose your date.

Ready to feel like this?

Every VIP Day


Prep Work Questionnaire

My undivided attention for an entire day

And there are special bonuses!

Before your VIP Day, we’ll dive deep into your needs, challenges, and priorities. This is your chance to ask any questions.

Pre-intensive strategy call (45-min)

If you have any questions or challenges, you have prioritized email support from me for up to 30 days after your VIP Day.


You'll also receive a customized training video going over your new tech platforms to serve as a future learning resource.

personal training video

Your Investment

$750 Introductory Price

Book now with a 50% deposit 

Price is going up soon, so book NOW!

How it Works


book your day

Choose a day that works best for you. 

Make sure you leave yourself two weeks to do the prep work beforehand. And make sure you’ll be available that day, so you can quickly respond to any messages. 

You can secure your day with a 50% deposit or pay in full. 


Prep work

Now you’ve booked, you’ll receive a welcome email from me.

In this, you’ll get all the info about your prep work and how to book your strategy call.    

You’ll need to complete the prep work before our kick-off strategy call so we can be as efficient as possible during our time together.


your vip tech day

On the day, we’ll communicate through a messaging service of your choice. My phone and email will be turned off, so you have my undivided attention for the whole day. 

You can expect a lot of quick back-and-forth messages as I knock out your list and we nail down your tech together.

While it is a very collaborative day, it is NOT an in-person or Zoom intensive, so there’s no need to be on camera!


post day support

After your VIP Day, you’ll have 30 days of email support for any questions or challenges.

You’ll also get a personal training video going over everything we’ve worked on during your VIP Day to support you into the future.


Hi, I’m Shelly

I’m a Certified Director of Operations and Certified Funnel Pro, mom, wife, and lover of systems and processes.

Since starting my VA business over five years ago, I've helped countless businesses streamline their tech and create cohesive systems. And it’s important to me to work with people who are making an impact.

I customize my approach so I can bring your ideas to life whether you want to keep it simple or need something more elaborate.


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